yoga teacher trainings

The Other Side of the Mat abides by this wisdom: we seek to expand the joy in others by promoting internal harmony through yoga practice. 

We extend the ripple of our efforts through our teacher-training programs, and we mentor yoga instructors to their deepest potential, accelerate their flames and focus their fire. 

workshops & continuing education

Our curriculum is a submersion into better understanding the body, the mind, and the intricacies of yoga study. 
The workshops and continuing education that the Other Side of the Mat provides are crafted to be a simple approach to greater comprehension of the topics.  


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Travel enables us to experience the magnificent diversity of humanity. The Other Side of the Mat’s founder, Ashley Amrita Thesier, has explored many parts of the world and has had the pleasure of teaching at several yoga retreats. Ashley has instructed yoga classes during retreats in Stowe Mountain Ranch in Vermont, Aviator Yoga Retreat in Aruba, Yoga & Ashram Retreat in Mysore, India and more. The Other Side of the Mat is energized to participate in future retreats and hopes that you will be part of our next adventure.