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Founder Ashley Amrita Thesier

the Other Side of the Mat

The Other Side of the Mat serves to educate those passionate about the metaphysical and physical wellness of others. We offer instruction with the intention of shaping yoga teachers who enliven the Spirit and heed the voice of inner inspiration. Our training programs accept students aligned with this purpose

Who is yoga teacher training for?

For some it is the mystical hum of spirituality that summons them to be a yoga guide, enabling students to traverse the realms of body-self equalization. Others are directed by the ancient need to be an unconventional practitioner mending our human tribe. The magnetic pull to be a yoga instructor is individual and personal. We creatively nurture and respect that unique fire and mentor our student instructors into conjurors of internal realignment. Novice, intermediate, seasoned: wherever you feel like your talent currently lies, we can motivate and train you to discover a greater teacher within yourself.

200 hour approved yoga teacher training
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