300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training


The purpose of this 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program is for all participants to deepen their understanding and experience of the eight-limbed system of yoga through lecture, direct inquiry, movement and student teaching. In addition, the program will help participants cultivate greater self-awareness and their own unique teaching style. This training is a unique experience open to all 200-Hour RYT that want to delve deeper into their yoga practice. Space is limited to only 20 participants, so we advise pre-registration to hold your space for the upcoming program.

The concentrated areas of study include a deeper literary analysis of the Vedas and other ancient texts, the energetic body and how to work with energy, anatomy and physiology, different approaches to teaching asanas and modifications using props, asana targeted for specific areas of the body and bodily ailments, tools for tracking emotions and finding resolutions, nonviolent communication, restorative approaches to yoga, the practice of pranayama and meditation, and refining your teaching skills and developing your own unique teaching style and voice.


This program requires a 300-hour commitment in order to be recognized by Yoga Alliance.

The training will meet every Friday from 6 – 9 PM, Saturday from 12PM – 6 PM, and Sunday from 12PM – 6 PM consisting of 15 hours of training.

Every session is mandatory to achieve a certificate of completion. Absences will need to be made up, and are subject to additional fees.




Ashley is an amazing teacher. She is caring, passionate and truly takes the time to connect with all her students. She challenges you to grow and to step outside your comfort zone but all the while she is standing right beside you and supporting you every step of the way.  She seems to know when to give you that extra nudge and when to just give you the space you need to go at your own pace and proceed as you are ready.  That love and care she gives is fostered throughout the entire class so you feel supported not only by her, but by those you are sharing the journey with.  You become a family in her class.   

The 200 hour YTT opened me up in ways I could never have imagined.  I learned that yoga is more than just asana, it gave me a new approach to how I wanted to live my life.  I learned how to connect with my body and how each movement, when done properly, can bring you peace and release.  However, my journey was far from over.   The experience of the 200-hour left me wanting more so when Ashely offered up her first 300 hour training I immediately sought to enroll.  That may have seemed kind of silly to some since my intention had never been to teach but I felt drawn to it and just knew it was something I needed to do. I was investing in myself for the first time in my life and I wanted to keep going, to keep unlocking the doors that had been bolted shut for so long and see where this road was leading me.   

The 300-hour training did not disappoint either.  It picked up where the 200-hour left off and took us deeper into our bodies with a more in-depth look at the anatomy of the body and how it moves.  We learned how to assist others using not just using hands on assists but using our words to make those we are teaching feel comfortable in their bodies and in the space inside their heads.  The spiritual practice took us deeper than I’ve ever been before and guided me home.    

This journey has not been an easy one for me.  It has challenged me every step of the way and at some points its even been a little scary but I couldn’t have chosen a better person to guide me along my path of self-discovery.  She has allowed me to step back when I needed to and to come back in when ready.  She is a patient, kind and loving person. For me, she has been so much more than a teacher. She is my friend and I feel blessed every day that I found her. 

I don’t believe it was by chance that I met Ashley, I believe God had a plan when he led me to her and I’m so grateful that He did.  My life is all the better for it.  I have not taught a proper class at this point but I have shared a great deal of what I’ve learned with those around me, family, friends, coworkers and people I’ve met along the way.  During my time with Ashley, I’ve completed a second bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and recently enrolled in a Master’s program in Sports and Health Sciences.  Ashley has inspired me to never stop growing and challenging ourselves. Thank you Ashley for all you have taught me and more importantly that you for the gift of you.

-Lisa Lopez


Through my 200hr, and Advanced 300hr YTT with Ashley Theiser I gained so much knowledge on a deeper level. When I emerged I learned how to do hands on assist properly, proper alignment, the anatomy of the body through each asana, pranayama work, guided meditation and dove deeper into the spiritual side of Yoga. I can’t thank Ashley enough for her loving guidance, support and knowledge. You will NOT be disappointed. She is more than my mentor, she is a friend. And I will always be grateful to her.

-Rikki Donovan

IMG_9067-2“Ashley is an absolutely amazing teacher full of knowledge and experience. I will be forever grateful for being able to learn from her. I was part of one of her 200 hour programs and after I graduated from that I signed up for one of her 300 hour programs. I’ve learned more than ever I could have imagined and not only have taken that with me in my teaching but also in my life in general. Anyone who is fortunate enough to be taught by Ashley will feel the same way as I do I’m sure! She is wonderful!”

-Christie Leonard

“It is so hard to put into words both my 200hr and 300hr yoga trainings with Ashley Thesier . She has a natural way of introducing and elucidating this ancient material. It is one thing to practice and embody this material for one’s self but to be able share the information with such clarity, heart, and authenticity is a completely different challenge. Ashley possesses a natural ability to facilitate this journey. I’ve gained tools and perspectives that will support me in my life no matter what I do. I was able to deepen the connection of the physical, energetic, and spiritual aspects of the practice and feel more comfortable and confident in my own teaching because of it. Ashley’s extensive background of anatomy, massage, and bodywork has immensely helped my ability to safely and confidently teach and provide adjustments to others. Check out any workshop Ashley is offering and her teacher training programs. I am eternally grateful for her guidance.”

-Ashley Humphries


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